Why join APA Midwest?

Great question. The Midwest Chapter of the APA exists to help artists, of all levels, navigate the complex world of commercial photography and run a smarter, more profitable business. To accomplish this mission, APA Midwest in conjunction with the national organization provide members the following benefits: business tools, financial tools, member discounts and creative tools.

Let’s take a look at each of these categories in more detail.

Business Tools

The primary purpose of a business is to be profitable. The truth is, the only objective measure of business success and creativity is found on the balance sheet. The APA has developed the most comprehensive business tools for professional photographers, assistants and production professionals. Topics include:

  • Business Manual. Includes estimating guide, business forms, assistant manual, artist representation checklist, plus more.
  • Photocrew.com is an online community and directory for the photography industry; a place for individuals, companies and services to be seen and be found.
  • SearchAPA is your best source for easily locating the top professionals in our field; from photographers to production personnel.
  • And more business tools available.

Financial Advantages

An APA membership offers serious financial benefits for a studio of any size. Take advantage of the following programs:

  • Business Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Equipment Financing
  • Production Payroll
  • Credit Union

Member Discounts

The APA has an incredible line-up of strategic relationships designed to save our members serious greenbacks. It’s quite possible to save enough each year to pay for your APA membership. Discounts include:

  • Apple APA Online Store
  • Adobe
  • Agency Access
  • Blinkbid Estimating Software
  • Livebooks
  • Foundfolios
  • PDN subscription and Photoserve
  • And many more

Networking Events

Our chapter regularly hosts networking and educational events; from social gatherings with peers to art buyer roundtables.

  • Peer Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Apple Store Seminars
  • Bar Nights
  • Photo Assistant Basic Training
  • Continuing Education

Photographer Testimonials

The APA has been very insightful to me, even more than I anticipated as a non-member. I’ve never left an event feeling like I wasted time, or didn’t learn anything. I always get a new perspective on the industry, I always get helpful feedback at reviews, and I always leave meetings and events feeling like the big, sometimes intimidating world of photography is boiled down to a friendly, supportive, approachable community. As small business owners, businesses that often consist of only one person, it’s easy to become isolated. I think the APA does a great job of bringing us together to share our experiences, and to learn from one another.
>Lisa Perez, Photographer

APA to me is a national trade organization that helps photographers develop and sustain a professional photography business through networking/social events as well as business development workshops.
>Stephanie Graham, Photographer

APA is a great way to connect with others in my industry and help me feel part of a community in this very individualistic profession. I have met other photographers through APA that have given me great insight into the market, I have met almost all of my assistants through APA along with several crew members I have used, and I have made contact with several new clients or potential clients through the programming that have led to greater exposure for my business and even jobs. The national benefits help me with discounts on my Agency Access and Apple purchases.
>Callie Lipkin, Photographer