Eric Klein Photography

Whether we are shooting a large production in a remote location, or a run and gun documentary with no set up, the best part of this business is that it allows me to participate in the lives of such a wide variety of people. Regardless of the subject, I like to tell stories, solve problems, and figure out the most efficient way to pull off a shoot. I get involved with production to assure everything runs smoothly, have a strong work ethic, and make everyone feel comfortable on set. As all the elements come together, I provide simple direction that allows the story to unfold, and capture the real moments as they happen. We are always on time, on budget and handle pressure with ease.My crew and I stay as enthusiastic on day five of 14 hour days as we are on day one, and we have a lot of fun in the process. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project. Please give the studio a call and lets go shoot something!!

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